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Oil Painting Workshop


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Oil Painting Workshop

Why Paintbox?
The Overview

PaintBox Artist Community
Art is our business.  We are the business of Art.
We are formed to enhance growth for the visual and digital arts  communities by way of reaching teaching and embracing all individuals and organizations who freely choose the Arts and provide a means to express their imaginations. (things, places, ideas that are unreal or unknowable) in nongrammatic ways. Unlike words, which come in sequences,each of which has a definite meaning, art provides a range of forms, symbols and ideas with meanings that can be determined by the artist’s desire or art form and medium.

Unit I: Introduction

Unit II: Back to Basics

Unit III: Technique

Unit IV: Application

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Mission and The Learning Process

Plan Ahead

Art Supplies


July 1, 2022

Who do we want to teach?

Kids Teens Adults

What's the Difference?

  1. Develop their drawing ability.

  2. Know the key art movements.

  3. Learn the color theory.

  4. To explore mixed media.

  5. Improve figure drawing.

  6. Teach the value of art for sale

Learned Process

July 1st

The Learned Process

These three types of learning include: Creating new knowledge (Cognitive) • Developing feelings and emotions (Affective) • Enhancing physical and manual skills (Psychomotor) 

Learning objectives can also be scaffolded so that they continue to push student learning to new levels in any of these three categories

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In order to prepare for the upcoming semester, please review the course syllabus and find information about the course goals, reading and resources, class breakdown and more. Questions? No problem! Get in touch today.

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